Fitness Challenges

6 to 8 week fitness challenges designed to help mom set goals and develop a healthier, stronger and attainable lifestyle!

The Fitness Challenge:

Twice a year in the Fall and Spring, Jacksonville Mom Strength holds 6-8 week fitness challenges. Each challenge is designed to help moms set goals, make lifestyle changes and improve nutrition.

The challenges include baseline fitness tests and a body assessments from a Tanita Body Composition Monitor that estimates muscle mass, body fat percentage and other measurements (always optional and confidential).  

Challenge members are placed on a team with others for support and accountability. They are encouraged to log food, exercise and sleep daily with their team. The logs are a tool to offer advice and motivation along the way.  They build strong connections within the group and are proven success tools for challengers.

Challenges also include access to special events, guest speakers and activities free of charge or with a nominal fee.

To participate in the challenge, members must commit to classes a minimum of 1/week. The fitness challenges are an opportunity to set goals and modify unhealthy behaviors but they do not mean that you cannot live a normal life with celebrations and travel.

The end goal of all the fitness challenges is to develop a healthier, stronger and attainable lifestyle!

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