Formally Jax Stroller Strength, Jacksonville Mom Strength (JMS) changed names in 2020 to demonstrate that we are a group for mothers of children of all ages. Locally owned and operated since 2008, Jacksonville Mom Strength provides women an opportunity to workout with other moms in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Classes cater to the individual so everyone is welcome!  From pregnancy, through postpartum to moms continuing their journey looking to take their fitness level to the next level, workouts are customized for beginners to elite athletes. Each class focuses on improving cardiovascular and muscular strength and flexibility with a combination of movements involving dumbbells and body weight routines.  To provide variety and decrease boredom, instructors also use a variety of equipment from training ropes, BOSU balls and kettle bells and include different formats such as boxing, barre and pilates. With Jacksonville Mom Strength, you get a taste of everything!

We understand if you have never been a runner or if you are a new mom or an experienced mother, if you were an athlete or never worked out- we want you just the way you are and we want to help you meet your goals. The first class is free so that you can see the format and meet the instructors. 

Jacksonville Mom Strength is more than just an exercise class. It is a community of mothers who support and encourage each other through the most precious (and trying) time of life as parents. Come meet some of the best moms and work out buddies in town!

First class is FREE!

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make Friendships